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Citilux is a premium lighting supplier and manufacturer specializing in professional lighting solutions.

Citilux’s main business focus is to provide the best lighting solutions by offering a diversified range of services to clients. We have expertise in specific lighting areas including LED lighting, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and architectural lighting.

Our comprehensive product range caters for a variety of industries, including retail, commercial and architectural. We also have the ability to manufacture custom orders for our customers. Any bulk orders can be specially made to meet the required specifications.

Citilux’s company philosophy is the practise of working as closely with our business partners and end users as possible, listening to their needs, thoughts and wishes and understanding their markets.

Citilux brand is currently still experiencing growth in all sectors, and our products can be found on different commercial and residential projects across Australia.

The future is full of ambitious plans and ideas. Citilux continues to focus on designing and producing well-engineered products utilising the very latest available technology to meet the creative, technical and practical demands of our wide range of business partners and customers.

At Citilux, we pride ourselves on consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our team is experienced in responding to all enquires with a wealth of product knowledge and an enthusiastic approach ensuring the best solution for our clients. We recommend taking the time to compare the prices and quality of our products - you will be delighted with the positive effect we will have on your business.

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